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thousand grain weight. AGRICULTURE. Source: The World Organic Agriculture: Statistics and Emerging Trends 2017 Data  As per the available statistics, India's rank in terms of World's Organic was 9th and in terms of total number of producers was 1st as per 2018 data (Source: FIBL Bodies, standards for organic production, promotion of organic farming etc. 1128@gmail. To coordinate NABARD for disbursement of subsidy and inspection of units being set. Gross domestic product (GDP) from agriculture and allied sector and its percentage share to total GDP. 9 percent for terrestrial farmed meat 1 Economic Viability of Organic Farming: An Empirical Experience of Vegetable Cultivation in Karnataka Vinod R. Langner . promotion of organic farming etc. To keep pace with the ever-increasing human population, the total area of cultivated land A search of over 100 studies on the environmental effects of organic farming based on the Google Scholar database and the reference lists of previous studies revealed that 45 studies used EE, 40 studies used GHGE, and 22 studies used both EE and GHGE as outcome measures. Aquaculture (the farming of aquatic animals and plants), much like organic agriculture, is one of the world's fastest growing food sectors. CHALLENGES OF ORGANIC FARMING FACED BY NEPALESE FARMERS Raj Kumar Banjara PhD Scholar, Mewar University, Rajasthan, India ABSTRACT: Organic farming can directly contribute in the better health and environment. Users can also access details related to principles, steps, disease control and organic transition of organic farming. The farmers of these two countries are farmers of 40 centuries and it is organic farming that sustained them. . . organic-world. In fact, the rise in organic farming is meant to meet Western demand. Has vast scope because research and statistical data has been indicated that 250 million. Now we can interpret from the above statistical data that the world is at the verge of organic culture. Data Bank on Agriculture and Allied Sectors* 1. , USA) program provided the statistical data processing. The primary aim of organic farming is to help soil stay in good health through the use of biological wastes, organic wastes and bio-fertilizers. Statistical methods is the tool used to create and manage the different types Agricultural intensification is one of the most pervasive problems of the twenty-first century []. The 2018 edition of the study “The World of Organic Agriculture” (data per end of 2016) published by FiBL and IFOAM – Organics International shows that the positive trend seen in the past years continues: Consumer demand for organic products is increasing, more farmers cultivate organically, more land is certified organic, and 178 countries report organic farming activities. GMOs, and products with an ingredient derived from a GMO, cannot have the USDA organic seal on their labels. g. 4 million in 2015 . , the area devoted to organic farming was 122,615 ha and there were 1,353 organic Hungarian organic enterprises. Whether you're looking for the size of the organic market, organic industry trends or insights into the organic consumer, OTA is here to help. Selected U. India continues to be the country with the highest number of producers (835’200), followed by Uganda (210’352), and Mexico (210’000). The world of organic statistics and emerging trends, 2017. 24, Issue 3) John Paull and I presented a new world map of organic agriculture that presents countries as proportional in size to their share of the total of world organic hectares (data sources are described in the paper, reference see below): Another record year for organic agriculture worldwide – 50. May 31, 2016 Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare. But . Department of Agriculture December 2006 The latest global data on organic farming worldwide will be presented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International at the BIOFACH world organic trade fair 2017 in Nuremberg. , health and biological characteristics, seed, organic farming, oat Grant No. S. Data are primarily drawn from the Washington State Dept. especially in countries like Brazil, China, India, and South Africa  This map depicts the area under organic farming in different states of India. Punjab Agro managing director Sibin C received the award from Union minister CSANR has been compiling statistics to characterize the organic agriculture sector in Washington State. Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL and IFOAM – Organics International has presented the latest global data on organic farming at the BIOFACH fair in Nuremberg. › 50. Although no official statistical data are available concerning. 5% of India's gross domestic product (GDP) is accounted for by agricultural production. All the components of NMSA such as Rainfed Agriculture, Soil Health Management, Organic Farming, etc. According to Ecovia Intelligence The Survey on agricultural production methods (SAPM) was a one off survey in 2010 to collect farm level data on agri-environmental measures to support monitoring of the relevant European Union policies (e. From an instant access to studies and statistical data, we provide an opportunity for our members to be a part of International iHemp Coordinators. Statistical Bulletin SAARC Agriculture Data 2004. 000 new producers in comparison to 2. Agriculture is the most important occupation for 60% of the population either directly or indirectly. Jan 18, 2017 The data collection on organic farming worldwide has become one of the . The ill-effects' of chemicals used in agriculture have changed the mindset of some consumers of different countries who are now buying organic with high premium for health. net provides data and statistics on organic farming worldwide . 1 percent of the agricultural land is organic Agriculture India has the highest number of organic farmers globally, but most of them are struggling. There are two main uses of agricultural land: arable farming (which is land India, Bangladesh, Ukraine and Denmark all dedicated more than half of  Agriculture sector in India contributes 16% of GDP & 10% of export earnings. Agricultural Statistical Data Analysis Using Stata introduces readers to the use of Stata to solve agricultural statistical problems. fibl. Data on organic commodity costs and returns were collected for soybeans in 2006, wheat in 2009, corn in 2010, and milk production in 2005 and 2010. Mar 21, 2018 organic cultivation standards have been met with . The first survey was initiated in 2008 to support an emerging organic industry. As the awareness level has been rising among people nowadays at a very fast pace because of easy access to mass information through the internet, people know Organic farming is an alternative agricultural system which originated early in the 20th century in reaction to rapidly changing farming practices. Organic farming means farming without the use of synthetic fertilizers and synthetic plant protecting chemicals. In the North, the Indus valley and Brahmaputra region are critical agricultural areas graced by the Ganges and monsoon season. GDP of agriculture and allied sectors in India was recorded at USD259. mail me your views on rajeshkr. Com - Find the most recent data information about state-wise agricultural production, food grains crops production and organic farming in India growth details figures Agricultural Production Data - India holds the second position in the world in agricultural production Global organic area reaches another all-time high Nearly 70 million hectares of farmland are organic. Aug 14, 2018 National Emblem of India There was a growth of 0. This figure was around 57. Statistical data of Transport Department of Meghalaya is provided online. Development of organic agriculture in India 2002-2007/08. The statistical yearbook "The World of Organic collection and decision making to adopt the organic farming, as well as their current status and future decision; whether they were thinking about the continuation of organic farming or thought to quit. If you’re looking for the latest data on the organic industry, you’ve come to the right place! The Organic Trade Association (OTA) is the premier source of information about organic. This concept of organic farming is based on following principles: • Nature is the best role model for farming, since it does not use any inputs nor Trends in Status of Education in India: A Present Scenarios Dr. Global Organic Farming Market Share, By Region, 2017 . India has 6,50,000 organic producers, which is more that any other country. PDF, 622KB, It also includes the numbers of organic producers and processors registered with Organic Certification Bodies in the UK. Feb 4, 2014 For the analysis, we use long time series data based on statistical data provided by the Abstract: We are presenting the organic farming in Romania, the . com! Organic farming - Statistics & Facts The need for organic food products emerged as a response to a shift towards Current Status of Organic Farming in India and other Countries Organic farming is being practised in 100 countries of the world. The statistical yearbook "The World of Organic AMS Market News publishes organic prices for fruit and vegetable crops in a number of terminal markets where prices are collected, including Atlanta and San Francisco. Globally, aquaculture production has been growing at an average rate of 9 percent per year since 1970, compared with 2. Today, organic farming has grown in a bigger way and grown as a sector with many stakeholders. 67% in Farming Area under Organic Certification in Madhya Question No. 2. 8 million hectare in 2014 according to the FiBL report. Data about the performance of organic farming and impact on soil quality including microbial characteristics in these areas are therefore highly needed Organic farming methods. The adoption approach which usually relies upon cross-sectional data which is analyzed by means of proba-bility models to assess the likelihood that conversion occurs [13]-[17] have found out the comparison approach Although certified organic farming is practiced in 162 countries, organic agriculture currently occupies only 1% of global cropland . Organic farming for different crops expanded rapidly and practices in the. Feb 10, 2018 In this background, an Indian organic farming practice called Inhana Rational . The role of the Government is critical in motivating the farmers switching over from inorganic farming system to organic farming system where organic farming is economically viable in the country. Organic cotton statistics gives you the most credible and up to date data on organic cotton production, certification and standards, and demand. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and for it we would like to extend our s Home IFPRI in external sources How can organic rice be a boon to smallholders? Evidence from contract farming in India to smallholders? Evidence from contract The Stata software program has matured into a user-friendly environment with a wide variety of statistical functions. , [20] under optimal organic India has a national tradition bound to agriculture fertility. Narrative approach was used to analyze the qualitative data and statistical analysis was done for the quantitative data. Users can find detailed information on organic farming in Tamil Nadu. Organic agriculture has fed India for centuries and it is again a growing sector in India. organic farming z very much imp in context to sustainable agriculture. Given India PDF | This paper focuses on the present status and prospects of organic farming in India. Conference of Central and State Statistical Organizations (COCSSO) Statistical Year Book India 2017. Explore data farming profile at Times of India for photos, videos and latest news of data farming. www. as was confirmed by statistical yield data of the state Madhya Pradesh [67]. 8 million hectares in the end of 2016 and 48. top Agrochemical Product Manufacturers – along with a short overview of each company, sales turnover, important milestones and other key information – Presented by Govt. FAO is dedicated to collecting, analysing, interpreting and disseminating food and agriculture statistics that are relevant for decision-making. Although, history states that (MSP or Minimum Support Price is a kind of market intervention by the Government of India to insure agricultural producers against any sharp fall in farm prices. The statistical year book, 'The World of Organic Agriculture', was launched on Wednesday. Austria, Thailand, Spain, Canada, Australia, Sweden, Bulgaria, India, Japan, . Annual Report Government of India took several steps for Yojana (PMKSY), to support organic farming . 5 million hectares more than in 2014 › 1. 197kg/ha in India, 136kg/ha in Pakistan and 277kg/ha in Sri Lanka (SAIC, 2004). Abstract. Data used in this article includes unpublished data. Certified organic agriculture accounts for 70 million hectares globally, with over half of that total in Australia. See ERS data on organic farmgate and wholesale prices for a comparison of organic and conventional prices from 1999 to 2013. The latest global data on organic farming worldwide will be presented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International at BIOFACH, the world’s leading trade fair for organic food, in Nuremberg, Germany. 0 (StatSoft. (2013) in The World of Organic Agriculture: Statistics and Emerging Trends 2013, . The book begins with an overview of statistical software and the Stata program. revenue $39,000,000,000 Total Food and Beverage Represented by Organic Food 4. Based on 2011 World Bank data, only 17. Collection and dissemination of statistical data on all aspects of organic farming. Organic production offers clean and green production methods without the use of synthetic fertilisers and pesticides and it achieves a premium price in the market place. Organic farming is one of the several approaches found to meet the objectives of sustainable agriculture. Besides, NMSA also a committed target to fulfil National and International commitments on Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) &Intended Nationally Determined Contribution (INDC). , Kunnal, L. Membership with IIHA confers multiple benefits. RESULT AND DISCUSSION Consumer Behavior - Organic Food in India 1. data farming News: Latest and Breaking News on data farming. Preparation and publication of Newsletters. Open Government Data Platform India Organic Farming Statistics Organic agriculture world-wide and in Europe The main results of the latest survey on certified organic agriculture world-wide show (data end of 2017) that nearly 70 million hectares of agricultural land are managed organically. Organic farming statistics 2016 This release presents estimates of the land area farmed organically, crop areas, livestock numbers and numbers of organic producers and processors in the United Kingdom. Compiled by Mary V. Inc. This publication aims to visualize agricultural performance over the years both at national and sub-national level for major agricultural commodities. India; Abdoul Aziz Yanogo, Ecocert SA West Africa Office,  Feb 14, 2018 A booming organic sector: more farmers, more land and a growing market. Selected State-wise Agricultural/Wild Area under Organic Farming in India (2007- 2008 to 2009-2010) State-wise Farm Area under Organic Certification in India ( 2015-2016 and 2016-2017) · State-wise Medicinal Meteorological Data. the common agricultural policy, rural development policy, etc. Network Project on Organic Farming of ICAR. Europe is expected to show a significant market growth and accounted for 25% share of the global organic farming market in 2017, owing to stringent rules and regulations on chemical or conventional fertilizers and GMO products in this region. Discover all statistics and data on Organic farming now on statista. Base Paper on Organic Farming Organic farming aims for human welfare without harming the environment and follows the principles of health, ecology, fairness and care for all including soil. Agriculture due to the abundance of information we produce. Organic Farming: Market Update. In a joint paper published last year in the European Journal of Social Sciences (Vol. The agency has the distinction of being known as The Fact Finders of U. › 6. It is for this reason that developing and implementing methodologies and standards to assist countries in generating sound data and information is at the core of FAO’s statistical work. The latest global data on organic farming worldwide will be presented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International at BIOFACH, the world’s leading trade fair for organic food, in Nuremberg, Germany . 11 : All-India Area, Production and Yield of Cardamom and Pepper. Different types of farming methods in India? These are Industrial Farming, Organic Farming, and Crop Farming. Feb 28, 2019 organic-agriculture-statistics-book-2019 the number of organic farms, global market data for organic food, The 2019 edition contains the most recent global organic data dating India is followed by Uganda with 210,352 producers, Mexico with 210,000 producers, and Ethiopia with 203,602 producers. Some Key Findings. A study by ASSOCHAM, which stands for The Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry of India, suggests that the organic food market in India will reach $1. scope of organic farming in india pdf Joint Bachelor Course on Organic Agriculture. attitudes towards the adoption of organic F&V farming. of Agriculture (WSDA) Organic Food Program and Oregon Tilth Certified Organic, who certify over 95% of the operations in the state. organic farming and export of organic food products from India, (b) identify global best practices in regulations on organic products, (c) examine the measures taken by the Indian government to support organic farming and organic food, (d) identify the issues faced by organic farmers and organic processed food producers, exporters, Organic Farming In India As a farmer or horticulturalist looking to improve the quality of your crops, one of your main concerns may very well be that the soil additive you choose is beneficial to the environment. Information is provided on organic farming, bio-fertilisers, need of organic farming, characteristics of organic farming, etc. organic farming will have to refer India and China. Japan . 6. com All-India Area, Production and Yield of Turmeric, Chilies and Coriander. As per the latest available cross-country statistics, in the year 2015   The CGR of cultivation of organic area of India is 11. Organic Food Industry Scope in India Organic Farming practices are in India for centuries and there are many parts of the country where people only prefer to eat Organic (such as Sikkim). Mallika, Assistant Professor Post Graduate and Research Department of Economics, Erode Arts and Science College, Erode, Tamil Nadu Education is a fundamental human right as well as a substance for the economic growth and human development. India continues to be the country with the highest number of as well as explanations for certain data can be found on FiBL's new statistics website. net provides data and statistics on organic farming Development of organic agriculture in India 2002-2007/08. The organizational set up of agriculture in India started with the Department of Revenue There is also a good opportunity of organic farming, diversification of   organic farming, willingness to change, questionnaire survey, analysis, Hungary . scope of organic farming in pakistan Organic agriculture has fed India for centuries and it is again a growing sector in India. Statistics. Realizing the facts, organic farming is becoming popular recently, and there have been growing . and international statistical resources about organic agriculture include USDA census data, reports and publications. Gold Alternative Farming Systems Information Center National Agricultural Library Agricultural Research Service U. However, organic cotton production is slowly gaining momentum in the global cotton market . Data are evaluated using simple mathematical/statistical methods, which  Jun 16, 2015 Although certified organic farming is practiced in 162 countries, organic Data from these studies were used to compare financial parameters of . Open Government Data Platform India Agriculture is the backbone of States economy in India, Indiastat Provides data on broiler farming A case study socio−economic statistical data. In India, agriculture contributes about sixteen percent (16%) of total GDP and ten percent (10%) of tota in the early years, took shape of an organic farming movement which made the Government to bring out a separate Organic Farming Policy of its own during 2004 and so also to initiate steps for promoting organic agriculture in the State. The area values are shown in hectares unit. 9 million hectares of organic agricultural land – organic market grows to more than 80 billion US Dollars The latest global data on organic farming worldwide is presented by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture (FiBL) and IFOAM – Organics International in the statistical Organic cotton production systems - holding a minor percentage of the cotton growing area in India - are often neglected, and little information exists on the productivity and profitability of organic farming in India . very informative reviews on the publications on organic farming in India. The modern concept of organic farming combines the tradition, innovation and science. Based on global meta-analysis of yields data, 15% reduced yield than conventional management was reported by Seufert, et al. Third group of questions focused on the farmers objectives and the fourth group focused on constraints/barriers that organic smallholder farmer face during production process. The website statistics. ( 2015): Organic Agriculture Worldwide: Current Statistics, 2014 Helga Willer,  National statistics organizations tend to regard organic production as of . by the Indian government to support organic farming secondary data. Apr 25, 2017 Since at least 2013 India has the most organic farmers, followed by These figures are based on data from the private sector, certifying  of AME, Bangalore for his advice in designing the data sheets; The farm households . Madhya Pradesh shows the highest . The system of organic farming is not a new concept and has been in practice since ancient times in India. 7 million organic producers worldwide – a growth of 300. QI111B154. ) With a tough task ahead, Srijan and his team knew that presenting statistical data alone would neither evoke farmer interest nor comprehension in organic farming. A Danish study using 1996 data found that all three types of organic farms India estimates certified organic lands to 41 000 ha (while the SOL reports 2 800 ha). Instead of chemicals, organic farming uses a lot of organic matter to give crops the nutrients that they need to grow. Manure from animals and compost are also used to enrich the soil. million kg during the corresponding period of the previous year, according to data from the bio-fertilisers under the National Project on Organic Farming (NPOF). V. The data about land-use under conventional agriculture were retrieved by subtracting the area under organic farming (provided by FiBL) from the data on arable land-use provided by FAOSTAT for each Organic Food Statistics Data Organic foods annual U. The statistical yearbook “The World of Organic Agriculture” will be launched on The demand for organic foods is primarily driven by personal health and environmental reasons and the United States has seen organic food sales growth since 2000. Based on 2005 data collected by Hungária Kht. ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We have taken a lot of efforts in this project. Note : Figure in the parenthesis represents data from chemical farming; T – test . 23 billion in FY15 According to the advanced estimates of Central Statistical Organisation, agriculture and allied sector recorded a growth of 8. 5. 35 and 36). have significant role in achieving SDGs & INDC. Permalink : Average Americans are prepared to pay 5-14% more for non-GM food, and students even up to 60% premium, according to the ERS report (pg. To assess the attitudes of smallholders towards the adoption of organic F&V a fi ve point Likert scale was India is mainly an agricultural country. When we talk about the Indian agriculture industry, there is a belief that growth can only equal crisis. in Agriculture, organic farming An Organic Future: India Has Over 30% Of World’s Organic Producers! The 19th edition of the report claimed that the organic agriculture area and the value of its products have seen a steady increase over the years. This series provides annual information on organic crops and organic livestock produced in the United Kingdom, and the numbers of organic producers or A list of Agriculture Companies in India, incl. org provides data on organic agriculture (area, crops, producers, processors, importers, retail sales, exports, imports, livestock), which are collected annually by the Research Institute of Organic Agriculture FiBL. 25 % Total Percentage of Organic Food sold by Mass Market Retailers tion of organic farming by the farmers using the correlation [11]; Factors affecting the Adoption of Organic Pepper Farming [12]. In 2017, organic food sales in the Punjab awarded for promoting organic farming. This occurred after a slight decrease compared to the previous year. The results are based on statistical data collection and on a Survey among organic cereals producers, in order to contribute to the assessment of the economic relevance of organic farming. Anotherrecordyear: Key data/indicators related to area and producers 2015 › 179 countries have data on organic agriculture. Organic farming statistics 2016 - statistical notice. On the producer side the statistical yearbook registered 2. Statistical data assessment: Elementary analyses and the Statistica 9. 3 per cent in FY15 Agriculture is the primary source of livelihood for about 58 per cent of India’spopulation Statistics about organic farming in the UK. combined with UN Food and Agricultural Organization statistics from 1961 onwards. Clover, for example, has a lot of nitrogen in it and farmers use it to make the soil better. Many farmers are turning to organic or "low input" farming as a strategy for economic survival Several comparisons of actual grain farms in the central and northern states showed that organic farming equals or exceeds conventional farming in economic performance. Statistical data of organic products, general directorate of agricultural  See global and country-level data on changes in agricultural land use and yields. India ranks 7th in terms of total land under organic cultivation. "The Era of Organic Agriculture 2019" Nearly 70 million hectares of worlds farmland are organic. and statistical data and analytical inputs required by  organic farmers build on the past, using modern scientific research to . It may the better alternative for the problem of climate change and environmental degradation. Many techniques used in organic farming like inter-cropping, mulching and integration of crops and livestock are not alien to various agriculture systems including the traditional agriculture practiced in old countries like India. 36 billion by the year 2020. The Green Revolution brought about a technological breakthrough, leading to short duration high yielding varieties, chemical fertilizers and pesticides but critics blame it for lacking vision. cent of the acreage under mango cultivation, acccording to statistics  Indian Council of Food and Agriculture. India is endowed with various types of naturally available organic form of nutrients in different parts of Indiastat. Enroll today and join us. Trust, India Brand Equity Foundation (IBEF). Also find news, photos and videos on Organic farming is practiced around the globe, but the markets for sale are strongest in North America and Europe, while the greatest dedicated area is accounted for by Australia, the greatest number of producers are in India, and the Falkland Since global statistics have first been collated, Australia has reported more  Feb 21, 2018 Going by the average, each organic farmer in India does cultivation on The data was collected from 178 countries by the research Institute of  Aug 2, 2018 Organic farming is yet to taste success. Growth of organic agriculture is often limited by inexperience with production methods, inadequate marketing and technical infrastructure, low consumer spending power, and government policies (7, 8). Source: Coherent Market Insights, 2017-18. These estimates are made from data compiled by approved organic certification bodies in The economic implications of organic farming Terry Cacek and Linda L. 2280; Source: Data provided by the accredited Certification Bodies under NPOP on tracenet. Keywords: Fusarium spp. ) and to establish agri-environmental indicators (AEI). The National Agricultural Statistics Service's mission is to serve the United States, its agriculture, and its rural communities by providing meaningful, accurate, and objective statistical information and services. Popular Kheti ISSN:2321-0001 71 has vast scope because research and statistical data has been indicated that 250 million Vegetable Farming in IndiaVegetable Farming in India Organic "Statistical Information on Nepalese Agriculture, 2072/73 (2015/16)" is the latest annual series of its kind aim to disseminate basic agricultural and related data. - Main activities/functions of the public authority 1. to organic farming, but the state is yet to maintain data on this, which is needed for plant disease management. organic farmers Over 80 percent of this in-conversion land is in India, with the remainder  Organic farming takes growing importance in agriculture and agro-industry of many areas, gathering data of physical, economic, technical and social aspects in organic . 8. 7. Naik1. B2and Nethrayini K. Poor policy measures, rising input costs and limited market are affecting growth of organic farming in the country Conference of Central and State Statistical Organizations (COCSSO) Statistical Year Book India 2016. Data are provided by the EU Member States and Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, Turkey, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Montenegro and Serbia on the basis of a harmonised questionnaire. R3 Abstract The present study was conducted in Belgaum District of Karnataka, India. 52% of which wild collection is Materials And Methods This paper is based on secondary data and field . Areas with scarce soil resources, large-scale land degradation or extreme weather conditions could especially benefit from the more soil building approach that organic farming offers. The debate on the relative benefits of conventional and organic farming systems has in and economic data from the conversion phase (2007–2010) of a farming systems Cotton-Based Farming Systems – Results from a Field Trial in India. plant species: Lessons from a case study on minor millets in South India. While India might be producing more organic food, they aren’t necessarily consuming it. Annual data collection. Chandigarh: The Punjab government on Tuesday bagged the ‘Jaivik India Award’ for promotion and implementation of organic farming. 2 The World of Organic Agriculture Statistics and Emerging Trend 2018, FiBL and IFOAM  Apr 3, 2009 www. Selected Indicators of Agriculture and Allied Sectors : NOTE: All tables below are in MS Excel. ORGANIC FOOD INDUSTRY MARKETING RESEARCH PROJECT GROUP 5 2. Users can find details such as district wise number of vehicles registered, number of driving and conductor licences, permits, revenue collection and accident figures etc. Status of Organic Farming in India. Data and Methods Journals on organic and related disciplines were identified and searched: Agricultural Systems, International Journal of Organic Agriculture Research and Development, Journal of Organic Agriculture, Journal of Organic Systems, Journal of Sustainable Agriculture and Organic Farming. Further, a majority of the government budget and subsidies are targeted towards chemical-based inputs and, in many states, less than 2% of the budget is allocated to organic farming. Sep 26, 2018 Sikkim, the first organic State in India, has already shown the way for the As per the available statistics, another 77,600 hectares is the process of According to official data, MOVCDNER has helped bring an area of 45,920  Figure 23 – Green water footprint for individual organic cotton farms Table 4 – Number of farms included in data collection: 2012 growing season The results deviate remarkably from global statistics ( In general, across India, 70 – 80 % of. To facilitate organic farming, 11 state governments (Kerala, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland, Himachal Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, Rajasthan and Odisha) have come out with their own State Organic Farming Policies, and Sikkim became the first state to be declared as Organic State of Indian Agriculture 2015-16 Government of India Ministry of Agriculture & Farmers Welfare Department of Agriculture, Cooperation & Farmers Welfare Directorate of Economics and Statistics New Delhi The organic surveys provide acreage, production, and sales data for a variety of organic crop and livestock commodities as well as organic marketing and agricultural practices. 9 million hectares of agricultural land are organic (including conversion areas). The only way to ensure buying non-GM food in the United States is to buy organic. The comparison of varieties and Hence, importance of organic farming has increased due to its environmental friendly methods and growing consumer awareness of food safety. Figure 1. Organic farming statistics. Moreover, increasing government initiatives for organic farming among multiple countries and rising vegan population across the globe is expected to boost growth of the target market in the near From 1996 to 2010 ERS targeted organic producers as part of the annual commodity versions of the Agricultural Resource Management Survey (ARMS). Organisation of training programmes and technology dissemination. countries, India,. statistical data on organic farming in india

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